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Dear Diary,

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Have you ever wondered about the many jobs a farmers wife has? Or how worrying every phone call or text could be? Or when that message pops up saying cows out!

The stormy evening the cows were out...

When the neighbor calls and says your cows are in with my cows can you get them out? Well of course you pack up your newborn babe and one year old and some horses and trailer over to deal with it right? That is the neighborly thing to do after-all!

Dear Diary, those cows are winning! Just do the neighborly thing and get your cows back on your side of the fence, fix the fence and then the bulls will swap ladies! Goodness me!

If you are yet to meet me... well I am just a farm girl who married a farmer! I live on a ranch in Southern Alberta, Canada and have an amazing husband and 2 wonderful children... more on that later! :)

Life is busy right?

Life is busy as for all of us! Even for you! You probably have a million things on the go just like I do! I mean - I run my own home business called Mountain Chalkers (www.chalkcouture.com/mountainchalkers) which you should check it out! I look after two little kids - one girl 18 months old and one boy 2 months old! They keep me pretty busy - feed them change diapers and sleep time and play time! Who has time for anything else outside of that? Oh and I am married to a farmer and work that as best I can too! Oh yea, and I am also an accountant and do a bunch of book work for some small business and personal and corporate tax returns and volunteer as a treasurer for a local charity farm museum. Oh and I sew baby quilts and custom memory quilts!

So there is some tidbit information about me! So these cows they keep getting out! Like I mean they are real fence jumping cows! Grass is always greener on the other side right? Not!!! They have so much green grass but the neighbor's cows are much more fun to play with I guess. It would seem that weekly we pop over there to put the cows back!

We have to sort them out of his cows on horseback and human two legs when you have little kids to mind! Oh and the pickup truck can be handy! Its been a bit of work chasing these cows around and getting them back in the filed every second day! So they decided well we build a new fence - so that was a project! Quite the undertaking to build a new fence but we got it done kids and rain and all! I will never complain about the rain! Its necessary for our farm! So I will just deal with it or do it in the rain! One or the two!

UPDATE - guess what?! Its June 24, and got phone call that these same very same cows are out again - this time the bulls are mixed up! Our bull with his cows and his bull with our cows and one of our bulls still with our cows - something to that effect! Just a complete mess again! So off to fix it again!

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