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Mountain Chalkers Wedding Inspo

Need some inspiration for that perfect wedding gift? The bridal shower gift? Want something unique and personable? Well - we got you covered right here!

And Suddenly You Became My Everything...

There are so many different options and you can customize and personalize as much or as little as you want to! I can do it for you and mail or deliver a completed project or I can send you goodies to do as you please!

Design with Ease

Do you have a design in mind for that perfect wedding gift? or the perfect shower gift? Then read on for inspiration or head over to shop in the tab above finished products or our website: www.chalkcouture.com/mountainchalkers/products

I have created a few projects custom ordered for weddings. Below I will show you ideas, how and supplies so that you have the list to shop with a look in mind!

And suddenly you became my everything...

This is exactly the name of the transfer used to create this stunning wedding gift! use the white Aiden board for a more rustic chic feel, or the white Grayson board for a more modern classy feel. Once you have your transfer cut it on the cut line indicated in the middle.

Now peel the floral transfer from the backing sheet and fuzz it on the fuzz cloth or a microfiber towel! Fuzz it well so its not super sticky! Then apply evenly to your board of choice. Smooth the white part of the silk screen out to the edges to ensure there are no bubbles - use your hands to do this and work from the middle out!

Now you are ready to paste your color choice on! Greenery as green and flowers are whatever color you choose. In my example, they are peachy keen center faded out to peony for the edges. The greenery is eucalyptus - my fav! Check out our Facebook page for a Live on how to do this blending! Follow this Link.

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Looking for the perfect wedding gift? So many options...

Supplies you need for this project:

- Paste samples or jar colors in - peony, peachy keen, eucalyptus and bright white

- White framed Aiden Board

- And Suddenly You Became My Everything transfer

- Mini squeegee

- Board Eraser (optional for washing transfers up - could use a magic eraser too!)

You can order through me the finished product under the shop tab or you can email me directly or contact me on social media. If you want to buy the kit supplies I can do that too or you can order direct to you through www.chalkcouture.com/mountainchalkers/products

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