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Mountain Chalkers Gardening

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Did you know that Mountain Chalkers can be incorporated into so many aspects of life? Like my garden? Yup! I used a couple transfers to decorate a planter!

Chalked up a planter

#Mountain #Chalkers has all the goodies for this awesome little #creation that honestly didn't take very long to put together! A simple #design, yet so #elegant! #love the #creativity. #Create your own following the directions below!

Design with Ease

Do you have a design in mind? The #transfers are so versatile that anything can be created. Your #imagination is your #limit!

For this #planter I used two different transfers to pull it together! Firstly the #watering #can transfer and secondly the #beach #days #mini #transfer. The #hibiscus #flower is a mini. Once again, I cut the transfers on the required cut lines to make them manageable.

#How #to #do #it???

First of all, cut the transfers on the lines provided! Then you will need to apply wax to your planter so the transfer doesn't stick! I use min-wax. Apply generously and scrape away the excess - you don't want the transfer to stick! Then apply your transfer, I purposely angled garden so that I could put a couple flowers on the bottom and on the top opposite each other.

Once your transfer is on, work quickly applying the paste across the transfer. Then scrape off the excess paste and return it to the jar. Then peel your transfer off evenly and wash in water. The sooner it gets into the water the better as the paste will come off easily! Once its washed up allow the transfer to dry on a towel face down. Once completely dry put it back on the transfer backer sheet to ensure its reusable and you are good to go again! Repeat the same process with the flower mini. I just placed it at random here and there wherever I felt was a good look!

Want to order the supplies and make your own?

Order through me (connect via email or social meadia) or order online and ship direct to you at www.chalkcouture.com/mountainchalkers/products

Supplies List:

- one metal tin rustic planter (honestly I found this one at walmart for $20CAD)

- bright white paste (sample is plenty)

- forget-me-not paste (blue)

- peony paste (pink)

- mini squeegee (if you order online a small is fine too)

- watering can transfer (Garden is on the bottom)

- beach days minis transfer (flower is bottom left mini)

- board eraser (or use a magic eraser too)

For the planter, my husband won me some flowers in a draw here at the local Co-op customer appreciation day! Put some plastic water bottles in the bottom and then fill with soil and plant away! Bottles so that you can actually lift the planter after! This was a great #kid #project!!! Enjoy!

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