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Mountain Chalkers Farm Disc

WOW!!! You can #chalk on any surface you can think of! If #ink wont do the trick, the #paste will! Paste is washable and can be done on reusable chalk boards or if you make a mistake just wash it off!

Old disc off a air drill all chalked up!

Well this surface turned out well! It was a rusty old disc off our air drill and I took a grinder to it to clean the rust off and then sprayed it with a sealer and allowed it to dry before chalking it! #prep the #surface! Some surfaces you will need to prep so your transfer doesn't stick. Then of course I waxed this transfer up too! Wax and wipe off the excess with an old rag.

I am a farm girl and love living on the ranch so the farm transfers really resonate with me! Life on the farm is the best! So here I prove it! (Check out my farm diary blog)!

Once your surface is all prepped, sealed and waxed and ready to go then jump right in to creating! #design #create and #inspire!

#DIY How to create this project?

The #transfer used was Life is better on the farm. This is a large transfer with several cut lines in it! So cut it up on all the lines! Once that is all done you will notice the barn has a framing copy (the white) and an overlay (the red boards). So you can do it one of two ways. Put the framing one down and leave it as just the white (or whatever color you choose) frame on your project. If you want the red barn white frame effect, then lay down the silk screen with the most white on it (the overlay barn boards) and paste it. I choose to paste it red. There are tiny markers on the top that you should color so you can easily place your #layer #transfer over the top. These can #wash off! Allow the base to fully dry before layering a second transfer. When layering the barn frame do not push it down super hard. Work quickly with the paste and squeegee it off as fast as possible so it doesn't bleed or affect the first layer of paste.

Once you are done the layering and paste continue to design it however catches your fancy with the other transfers that are part of the farm transfer if you want too! Don't forget that you need to wash your transfers and allow them to dry face down! Then put them back on the transfer backer sheet to reuse at a later time!

Want to order this on any surface? Reach out to me via email or on social media! Or if you want to order the supplies and ship direct to you at www.chalkcouture.com/mountainchalkers/products


- bright white paste (sample is enough)

- candy apple red paste (sample is enough)

- buttermilk yellow paste (sample is enough)

- storm grey paste (Sample is enough) (Grain bin and windmill base)

- Eucalyptus green paste (sample is enough) (Windmill overlay)

- Disc or whatever surface you choose

- Board eraser (or magic eraser) (wash off marks of layering after)

- Mini Squeegee (if ordering online a small is great too)

Non Chalk Couture products:

- the disc if you want that surface

- Krylon clear glossy sealer ( to prep disc)

- min-wax to wax surface before applying transfer

- the grinder to remove the rust :)

I think that is the full list! Message me with questions or follow along on social media Facebook and Instagram and join our Facebook group Mountain Creations for help and inspiration too!

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