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Dear Diary, the hay is on fire!

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

The hay field is on fire! Quick come help! Alright, I am on my way in my flip flops and shorts! Chuck the kids in the car seats and rip!

Hay field fire... that is our house in the background!

So we can get some pretty severe #thunderstorms here in our area! Some of which are just #lighting, #thunder and no #rain! Which then results in this mess - a fire that one must put out! This fine day, lightning struck one of our bales of hay on the #rolling #hills by #home!

Thunderstorm season is crazy round here! The fires can get very bad! Lightning strikes cause some serious fires that get out of control very quick with our wind!

So I was just chilling at home which is totally what you do when you have two under two right? Not! Never a dull moment!

Then my phone rang... oh just my husband

Hey so there is a fire outside out of control and burning like crazy! Get the kids get out of the house and come help! OK I'm hurrying! Yikes! That is enough to send the chills down anyone's back! So I had heard the lightning crack and a very eerie silence right after but a fire right outside on the hill was not what I expected.

So, I park my mom vehicle, a yukon xl out of the way and jump thru the fence in my flip flops to work with a shovel smacking away at any of the ashes that were catching a light on the edges. The Hutterites came on over and helped and we had our tractor there pulling apart bales to get them burnt out and fire done so it didn't start up again. We had every neighbor within a 10 mile radius helping us! Many hands makes light work and we got the fire under control pretty quick and just had to wait for the bales to burn out! My was it smoky!

The fire could have been so much worse had the neighbor not seen it instantly and phoned us! Was only 10 acres burnt and about 7 bales destroyed. Most of our efforts were exerted in containing it to the area already burning and preventing it from spreading further! Especially with homes nearby! So everything is under control but it was certainly an eventful afternoon!

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