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All the New Year Resolutions..... ? Nope! Not me!

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

What are you doing this fine #NEW #YEAR of 2020??? Me - well I'm #justkeepingitreal

As I sit here trying to write this blog with all my New Years goals flying out the window day 1 - I suddenly decide if I can make it through a day without loosing my cookies at anyone.... I am doing #AMAZING!!! My #toddler who has decided no more #diapers as of yesterday and my 8 month old who is still on a newborn schedule and not so newborn are really posing quite the #challenges of #motherhood. If you have any #potty #training #tips then by all means send them my way! I would also take some #sleep #training #mom #advice! Just keeping it real will be my New Year Goals.

My toddler might be settling into her new use of the toilet but I don't know!! Maybe it's me that's not ready for this!!!

Maybe you know - maybe you don't know but I have my own business - Mountain Chalkers and am very busy with it! My New Years goals are mostly relating to my own business and how to #grow it, #sell it and above all #do it!!!

So the list below is some topics of the blogs to come right away! Let me know which ones your most excited for!!! :)

- Direct Sales Stigma

- Direct Sales Growth

- How to do it! I was a newbie too!

- Instagram Handle (this will be like a major topic over several blogs)

- Facebook Algorithms (this will be another major topic and several posts)

- Some creativity and how to posts like always

- Some joining my fab Mountain Designers crew.

- Expansion and How to take it like a pro

- Organization

- Some photography blog posts through the year!

- There will be posts about Aussie's!! Lewis Aussie's is our breeding program for true correct soundness in breading Standard Registered Australian Shepherds. I love my dogs!

So that's a good list of what to expect!! Definitely follow along and keep it out there!!! I hope 2020 is a fab year for each of you and that we hit it headstrong with 2020 vision!

All the best in the New Year!


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